College Application Training |  Greater Los Angeles Area and NY Metro Area

Why you should consider hiring a consultant
Applying for college is not as easy as it used to be back in the day. The process has become lengthy, tedious and quite complicated. Most college applications have to be submitted online with the inclusion of essays. Your child’s teachers might be required to complete references online. ACT as well as SAT scores need to be sent to the colleges. Apart from the technical aspect, there is also the issue of finding the right program for your child. You will need to sit down with your child and settle on the best career path they should take. Otherwise, settling for any college only for your child to have a change of heart will not only be a waste of time but also be very costly. All this is a lot of work if you do it on your own but with the help of College Application Training, you will be relieved of all this stress.

It is crucial that you identify a college that caters academically and socially to your child. An expertly trained consultant will answer any questions you may have and recommend the appropriate timelines. They will also share their vast knowledge and experience on the different colleges and what they have to offer. The consultant will help you find a college that matches your child’s needs and patiently guide you through the application process.

When it comes to financial aids and grants, your consultant will give you guidance on the best way to approach this issue and show you how to maximize your chances of getting a financial aid or grant.

You and your child don’t have to research and apply for colleges all by yourselves. You can enlist the help of College Application Training. They will walk this journey with you. They will be your biggest supporters, advocates, and cheerleaders every step of the way making sure that you get the very best in terms of your child’s college education and financial support.