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What Gets the Attention of College Admission Officers?

Many high school graduates do not have access to a counselor when they are making their college application. Many fumble with speculations as to what college admission officers look for. We look at the outline of what college admission officers typically consider when reviewing applications.

Showing Interest is Important

Colleges want to ensure that those picked through their admission process do not end up attending another school. Therefore, college admission officers will try and gauge the applicant’s level of interest in joining the school. The officers will try and determine how much you know about the college, the courses offered as well as the interest you show explicitly.

Concise Applications

Admission officers are always busy going through hundreds of applications. They, therefore, need the application to be simple and straight to the point. Sometimes students try different tactics to capture the attention of the officers. Avoid adding essays and artworks that the college didn’t ask for.

Be Careful About Follow Up Emails

During the application process, students can get apprehensive about being accepted to their dream school. It is important to note that due to the number of applicants sending their letters to certain institutions not everyone who qualifies is accepted.

Applicants should, therefore, be careful about sending follow up emails asking whether they were not admitted. Most schools will inform students on their shortlist to confirm whether these students will enroll to the school when accepted. Too much follow up can be interpreted as pride and entitlement.

Understanding the college admission process can help a student put together a winning application. There are many factors that will be considered during the process. Students should understand that sometimes these factors are beyond their control. The important thing is to put together a concise and interesting application that reflects who they truly are academically.