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Using Extracurricular Activities to Enhance your College Application
When it comes to a college application, many students are not sure what to add. Extracurricular activities are some things that many colleges look for. Here are some ideas about adding co-curricular activities to your application.

Pursue Your Interest
You may be tempted to add an activity simply because you believe it will improve your college admission prospects. However, it is always advisable to add something you actually intend to pursue.

If the activity is something you genuinely enjoy, you’ll be in a better position to excel. It will be easier to answer questions and give good viewpoints during interviews and throughout the application process.

Demonstrate Commitment
It is more important to demonstrate your commitment to your interests that showing what you’ve done while in high school. For example, if you’ve been in more than two or three clubs, it may not be seen as favorably as starting your own club or initiative.

Leadership Qualities
Demonstrating your leadership qualities is also likely to catch the eye of the college. If you’ve been elected in a position of leadership, such as a leader in the student body of the school, it can be beneficial to include it in the application. Even if you were not a leader of any club or body, you can still gain points by showing instances where you lead the team to solve a problem or encouraged them to start an initiative.

Wide Range of Options
There are many types of extracurricular activities you can add to your application, they include:

Internships: Demonstrates initiative, maturity, and dedication.
Sports: Demonstrates teamwork, leadership skills, and physical fitness.
Arts: Demonstrates creativity and initiative.
Part-Time Job: College admission officers understand that not everyone can set aside time for extracurricular activities. A part-time job shows you are responsible and mature.