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The next generation SAT continues to be a hot topic for parents and students who are relying heavily on standardized test results to get into college.  A very important part of the newly formatted test includes an essay portion that is significantly different from previous versions.



While it won’t be implemented until Spring ’16, the new essay format will require students to start preparing now for what they will see come next year.  “Students are asked to read a passage and analyze how the author of the passage builds an argument to persuade his or her audience. In analyzing the author’s argument, the student must quote or paraphrase directly from the passage,” says Compass Education Group’s Matt Steiner.  This practice is more common at the college level than it is for high school juniors and seniors.  It may be beneficial for students to seek out a tutor or teacher who can help explain this writing concept so the student is well prepared when it comes time to take the test.


To find out why this change is necessary and why the essay portion might be optional for some students, read the full First Look at the New SAT Essay from Matt Steiner.


Source: Matt Steiner, Compass Education Group

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