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Stories about pretty, perfect people are boring. We want real life characters that we can relate to. We want stories with vulnerability. Yet often instinct is to write about your accomplishments and to show how amazing you are. Without showing vulnerability though, your accomplishments run the risk of being forgotten. Why? Because stories about pretty, perfect people are boring.


How do you create a vulnerable story? You do it by having the courage to show flaws and mistakes. What makes a hero or heroine? Someone who has a flaw that he or she finds the strength and courage to overcome. As the hero or heroine of your Personal Marketing Statement, you must have a flaw or mistake to overcome.

Now you are going to practice creating a vulnerable story. Please describe a character’s most embarrassing moment. It can be you, someone else or it can even be a made up character. Next,  imagine what would be that person’s most embarrassing moment. Remember to be specific about the person, the moment, and his or her feelings about the moment (besides just being embarrassed). Use the structure below:

Basic Events:

Give yourself 5 minutes to write and don’t forget… have fun! Need more help? Tweet us your questions @CollegeAppTrain.