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Let’s face the facts, we are living in a time that is much different than say 50 years ago, 20 years ago, and even 10 years ago!  As much as it’s hard to image, Twitter wasn’t even a thing in 2005.  Naturally there have been many changes and advancements in technology, society, and in each new generation of people.  Today’s youth is not impressed by traditional methods and techniques, they don’t follow the rules of 1965 and they don’t want to be compared to previous generations as they begin to make their mark.


So why not have options that cater to those who do things different and don’t want to conform to the past.  Why not let students learn in an environment that is conducive to their lifestyle, their personality, and their beliefs.  If you are a student with an interest in the liberal arts and prefer a more active and engaging learning environment, you may want to take a flyer on our school of the month for May!


The Evergreen State College


Quick Facts

Founded: 1967

Location: Olympia, Washington

Campus setting: Urban

Student Enrollment: 4,087

Tuition, fees, room & board, additional expenses: $21,753(in-state)  $34,809(out-of-state)

Admissions deadline: Rolling Admission

Admit Rate(based on most recent undergraduate class): 97.1%!

Incoming Freshmen: Avg. GPA – 3.14  Avg. SAT score – 1111 (2 part)  Avg. ACT score – 24  Note: SAT writing test and subject tests are not required.

School Mission: As an innovative public liberal arts college, Evergreen emphasizes collaborative, interdisciplinary learning across significant differences. Our academic community engages students in defining and thinking critically about their learning. Evergreen supports and benefits from local and global commitment to social justice, diversity, environmental stewardship and service in the public interest.


Check out this short promo video from The Evergreen State College:

What Makes This School Great

Evergreen State offers over 60 fields of study and has no formal majors.  By completing the unique graduation requirements, students can earn a bachelors degree in Arts, Sciences, or both.  Basically, you customize your own program by picking classes that are of interest to you which will then make up your “area of emphasis.”  Another outstanding feature of this institution that might spark the interest of many non-traditional learners is that there are no letter grades!  Now if you’ve ever seen the movie “Accepted,”  you’re probably thinking that Evergreen State sounds a lot like the South Harmon Institute of Technology.  Don’t get your hopes up too much, there isn’t a half-pipe for skateboarders on campus and students still get evaluated by the faculty who provide narrative assessments with meaningful feedback.  Students must also take note of their progress from freshmen orientation through senior year and submit an “Academic Statement” recounting their educational journey at Evergreen State.


The school is ranked on several occasions for academics and value, which, when compared to other liberal arts colleges, is pretty decent.  And if Evergreen State College is on your current list of potential colleges, taking a trip to the Great Northwest to see the campus first-hand might make you want to never leave.


Be sure to join us next month to review another hidden gem institution of higher learning, or as I like to call it, our School of the Month!


For more information on this school, visit Evergreen State College Admissions.


Sources: The Evergreen State College; U.S. News & World Report

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