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Writing is really rewriting but many people believe that rewriting is simply changing words around. It is not.

A true rewrite is when you take your writing apart and put it back together again. Once you have your first draft, you will hone and shape it until it is ready to submit. How many times do you need to rewrite it before it is ready? There is no set rule. Some pieces need several rewrites, while others need only two or three. You should always do at least two rewrites and then one final pass for spelling, grammar, and tone. The first thing to do is look for the keys that will guide you through the rewrite process. Below is an exercise to help you find those keys.

Here are the “Rewrite Keys” that you will want to find in your first draft. (We recommend to highlight or underline these sections in your writing.)

 The Strongest Opening

The best dramatic writing is similar to how you make the strongest impression at a party – Come late and leave early. Just like going to a party, you want to make an entrance. You want to get noticed. In your first draft, the strongest opening is usually towards the end. Look for sentences or descriptions that make an impact – that is where you want to begin. Where is your strongest opening?

Personal Details

Remember, YOU are the focus of this Personal Marketing Statement . Everything you mention should relate back to who you are as a person. You want to reveal the ways you are unique and let the readers discover the essence of your personality. Most first drafts give some personal details, but not enough. Look for the details you have already included and places where you could add more. What are some personal details? Where could you add more?


Your Personal Marketing Statement is a story. A story where you are the protagonist. Just like in every story, there must be a lesson. What lesson did you learn? How did you grow? How did you change? Usually, first drafts have a hint of the lesson. You want to find it and expand upon it during the rewrites. What is the lesson of your story?

Let us know how your rewriting goes! Good luck.