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Our founder Chelsea Watkins was recently featured on the How to Pay for College podcast with Celest Horton! Listen below or download here in Itunes.

Topics Covered: 

  1. College Application Training’s Three Step Process.
  2. Helping Students Strengthen their Applications (Essays) – Leads to Merit Awards.
  3. Financial Side (Building College Buckets versus Retirement Buckets)
  4. Most Middle Class Families are Eligible for Financial Aid, but how Assets Are Positioned Can Affect Chances.
  5. The FAFSA expects you to divert 21-23% of Adjustable Gross Income to pay for college.
  6. How assets are arrange versus how they are counted on the FAFSA is important.
  7. Parkinson’s Law:
    1. Work expands to fill the time available for its completion (so true).
    2. Expenses ALWAYS rise to match income (even more true!).
  8. Importance of Evaluating Family Cash Flow to Find Money to Divert to Building College or Retirement Savings.
  9. Ideas to Increase the Net Worth of Families beyond the College Years.

This was reposted from How to Pay for College.

 Chelsea Watkins is Founder/CEO of College Application Training. She has 20+ years of experience in the college application process helping students raise test scores, create winning college applications, fund college expenses, and stay safe in college.  Chelsea even goes one step beyond to help with ideas on building wealth for a comfortable retirement.