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The Perfect College Visit Checklist


Feeling confident in where you will spend (at least) the next four years of your life is extremely important for incoming college freshmen. That confidence can come from different places for different students, but one constant is the comfort in knowing you made the right cEdu_CheckList-512hoice.
Choosing or ranking a list of schools is important because you want to figure out which university is going to be your best fit. Keep in mind that it may not be the most academically or athletically acclaimed school, or one that is ranked high on a subjective list of best schools. It should simply meet your personal needs.
Do a Google search for college visit checklist and you will find dozens of websites pop up with their version of what you should do when touring a school that you might want to attend. These checklists are quite useful if you don’t know what you are supposed to do when you visit campuses this summer. However some can be too long, too generic, and may actually keep you from finding out what really matters to you.
If you are visiting colleges for the first time, you don’t need to know everything about the school and it’s not necessary to go pick up financial aid information just yet. Most of this stuff is very accessible and super easy to find on a college’s admissions website anyways.
The point of this trip is to take in the surroundings and get some relevant information to help you make a more informed decision. Some longer checklists might have you spending all day for one campus visit, but most tours are around 2 hours and you may want to explore multiple schools in the same day.
Our checklist is shorter (1 page) but still includes that which is important to you and several checkpoints can be found on similar lists from The College Board and the College Planning Network. Print out several copies to take with you while traveling and visiting colleges this summer. Once you’re done visiting all of the schools, it will be easier to compare them and help you make a decision on which university fits you the best!


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Written by: Chris Soden, MBA

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