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Getting into the most elite colleges in the U.S. is many students’ dream, but how might the cost of competing for acceptance to these highly rated institutions affect your decision? Former Yale professor and author, William Deresiewicz, discusses the outrageous standards placed on applicants and their families attempting to be admitted to the most prestigious schools.

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The rigorous qualifications placed on students by admissions departments just aren’t realistic to those who don’t have the opportunity to voluntarily provide service to foreign countries or have time to take on a dozen extra-curricular activities.

Deresiewicz offers ideas to level the admissions playing field including eliminating preferences for athletes and legacies, and putting a restriction on the number of extra-curricular activities that can be listed on a resume.  He also challenges the type of skills that colleges seek in new students.

“Working at Denny’s teaches a lot of skills,” he contends. “This type of service work is not valued in the admissions process.”

It is unfortunate to work hard for something only to have barriers placed on you before your opportunity even arises, but this is the current reality of these elite colleges and it is high time for them to restructure the admissions process and give everyone a fighting chance.

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Source: Yahoo Finance, Morgan Korn