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Recently our Founder Chelsea Watkins was interviewed by College Prepped for a fascinating Q&A session about getting into college and not overpaying for it.


Here are some of the highlights:


What is the most optimum grade for students/families to start working with you?


“Many families don’t think they need to start thinking about this process until their child is a junior. It’s actually better if you start as a freshman or sophomore in high school – that way both the students and the parents can approach the process from a proactive position, as opposed to a reactive one.”


What are some of the most common mistakes students make when applying to college?


“Not knowing what the financial aid situation is at a school before applying – how much aid do they give, do they give merit scholarships, etc. Applying to colleges that are not a good match for them.”


Read the entire interview here and find out what Chelsea says is the most important thing for parents to do during the college planning process.


Thank you to Sibylla Nash (@CollegePrepped)

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