College Application Training |  Greater Los Angeles Area and NY Metro Area

Applying for, paying for, and finally, staying in college need not be as difficult or complicated as feared. With College Application Training, families in Los Angeles, CA can find a reliable mentor and guide service, dedicated to making college the most memorable, most fruitful years of a student’s’ life.

Here are the three main programs we offer to incoming college students:

First Day Jitters

Undoubtedly, college experiences are the most important and memorable ones for anyone. Whether it’s learnings gained from the classroom, or lessons learned through life experiences, there’s no denying that college can make, break, and ultimately define a person.

Even choosing the right course to enroll in and which school to apply for end up being the first big decision incoming students must make. While it’s always possible to shift out of a course that doesn’t seem quite right, it’s always a big help to get things right the first time.

As a student graduates high school, making the right choices of course and college will dominate their mind, and will be their most pressing matter until it actually gets resolved.

And once they get their foot through the door, what then?

Howe we can help: At College Application Training, we offer College Application Training, for the benefit of any student looking to make their first big choice post-high school. We’ll show students how to get their feet through the door of their chosen college and area of study.

We understand that applying for college after high school can be the first, most important decision a teenager will ever have to make in their young lifetime. By helping the incoming college freshman map out an initial path to follow, students will find that the process to getting that dream school need not be as complicated as expected.


Money Talks

For parents, tuition will always be a major concern when children hit college age. It’s understandable – even after that first payment after all, there are still a few more years of payments to make.

Education costs. Quality education, even more so.

But the trick isn’t to make more money. Sometimes, it’s all in the right kind of planning and scouting, to make sure you get your child in the most qualified school, while still sticking to the budget.

How we can help: At College Application Training, we offer College Financial Training specially catered to parents of college students. The program lasts through all four years of college, where different plans will be outlined to help parents prepare and cope for their children’s most important years.

We offer plans that work and saving tips that pay off in the long run. With the right balance of finance management, making the right choice of school, and figuring out ways of making additional income all through the four years, parents will find that college need not be as expensive as originally expected.


Stay in School

Finally, students will not be surprised to find out that getting into their chosen schools doesn’t mean they can relax. As soon as they become fully-fledged members of their colleges, the important thing now is to make sure they stay there until they’re ready to graduate.

Here’s how we can help: At College Application Training, we offer College Life Training, aimed towards students and their families looking to adjust to a new life in college. Much like helping the students get into their chosen schools, this training will be there to guide the student every step of the way after they pass the applications.

The program is geared to equip the student and their families with all the necessary tools, knowledge, and additional tips to make sure their stay in college will be a memorable one.