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Based on our 20+ years experience with the college application process, we have learned one thing:


Unfortunately, most families realize this when its too late…only after their student has applied to college…or after their kids have graduated. Its only after the fact that families realize they have been misled by some of the common myths and false statements in the media, college marketing materials, and even the President!

  • The colleges are on your side when it comes to college financing. In the real world, you’re not partners…you are adversaries! You’re on opposite sides of the bargaining table. Think about it… their goal is to get you to enroll in their school while giving you as little financial assistance as possible.
  • It’s easy to make it through this process alone without professional assistance. The best analogy is filing your taxes. Those who want the best help hire CPAs who know the tax codes inside and out. But when we’re talking about college, it’s even more complicated because there is no written code! It’s an unwritten process that can be mastered only by spending years figuring out the system. So you need specialists.
  •  Every student pays the same for tuition. The truth is that some students get more attractive financial packages than others, thus lowering their overall out-of-pocket cost. Remember, the people deciding who gets how much $$$ are not on your side! It’s very easy to make mistakes on financial aid forms, and even one mistake can cost you severely. And when you do get your financial aid offer, did you know that you can negotiate for a higher amount? You might think you know about the college application process…but consider this…what if everything you’ve been told about college financial planning is wrong? What if you have been trusting and listening to the wrong people for advice?

The reality is that smart families can take control of this process…if they know what to do and how to do it. Here are some facts that may surprise you:

    1.  There are legal and ethical ways to lower the amount of money you pay for college. There is an unwritten code that only professionals who focus strictly on college financial planning know about! A typical CPA simply can’t give you the best advice. Experts can show you how to legally protect your assets from the financial aid formulas so you don’t go broke paying for college.
    2.  If you think 529 college savings plans are the way to go, you’re wrong. It’s conventional wisdom – put your money in a 529 plan. Although these plans sound great, they have serious flaws and may even keep you from getting financial aid because you do have savings! You need to know what the government and banks don’t want you to know.
    3. You don’t have to choose between saving for retirement and paying for college. Some advisors recommend loans for students and retirement plans for parents. But this means that kids will be saddled with hefty loans to pay back for decades. You can all have a healthy financial future by following the tips only a professional can give you. There are risk-free options that won’t count against you when applying for financial aid…options that colleges and the government don’t want you to know!

It’s simple. If you fail to learn about the college financial system, you can be chained to decades- long debt….which will limit your own retirement plans and tie your children to years of repayment struggles. We see this all the time. Why do think we have such a big student debt problem throughout the country? Make a commitment to learn more about the college application and college funding process.

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