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College application essay writing can be intimidating, stressful and at time just plain not fun. There are some FUN exercises you can do though to make your college essay writing more enjoyable. One exercise is to look at your five favorite movies.

CAT Blog Top 5 Movies Your top five movies reveal a lot about you, such as passions, the characters and types of stories that grab you, the themes and conflicts that excite you and the way in which you view the world. Also, what you will realize when you analyze your favorite films is that each one is a tightly structured story. Just like a house cannot stand without a foundation, a story cannot stand without a structure.

Please list your top five movies with a short description of each plot and the reason why it is in your top five. By short description of plot, we mean to make it as simple as possible: beginning, middle, end. For example, if The Lord of the Rings is one of your favorite movies, you could write the plot like this: They lose the ring, they go to find the ring, they find the ring. Super simple.


Now do 4 more times.

Finally, analyze deeper to discover the storytelling technique. Is it a drama or a comedy? Does it use flashbacks or non-linear storytelling? Is suspense an important part?

Now that was pretty fun, wasn’t it? How can you relate your learnings to your own story? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @CollegeAppTrain.

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