College Application Training |  Greater Los Angeles Area and NY Metro Area

Financial Planning and Training for your Children’s Higher Education
It is the goal of every parent to see our children succeed. We dream of them having better lives and we do our best to spare them from the hardships that we have experienced.
We guide them from the moment they are born, until the day we die. Well, at least we want to. But truly, nothing would make happier when the day finally comes that they have surpassed us and our expectations.

Prepare Your Child’s Higher Education with College Financial Training
Education is the one thing we can give to our children, the one thing that no one can steal from them, their primary weapon in their journey of self-discovery and life worth living.
Higher education is a dream for most families. The cost of higher education is simply unreachable for most middle-income households. There are some who are able to get scholarships of merit. But for the majority, they would have to pay their way.

College Application Training is a program for parents on how to provide for university tuition and other costs for our children. It teaches us how to plan, implement, and provide ways to fund college education for all our children.

The financial training includes selecting colleges with the best financial aid packages, how to qualify for them, and how to get tax deductions and credits. It teaches how to minimize out of pocket costs and get maximum financial aid from schools and other programs.

We know the value of education, which is why we also need to educate ourselves. College Application Training allows us to learn how to create a customized plan to pay for all the college costs that will work for us without relying on expensive private loans and their high interest rates.

It is simply unacceptable for parents to deny a promising child their education, because of costs. College Application Training assures that will not come to pass.