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Q: My card was chargedbut I don’t see my next module. When will I receive it?

A: For the CollegeApplication Mastery Program, unless you have upgraded to full access, yourmodules will open every 7 days from your start date. This timing may bedifferent from your billing cycle due to a free trial period.


Q: I can’t login to myaccount.

A: You may be attemptingto login with an old web address. The previous sites were experiencing a lot oftechnical issues so we created a new area for our members to access all oftheir resources.

Please go to tologin to your account. Enter your Username and Password. If that does not work,please follow these troubleshooting tips.

1.) Clear your browsershistory or cache.

2.) Close your browserand start a new session.

3.) For the first timethat you login after doing the above, actually type in your user name andpassword rather than copy and paste.   4.) If you are stillhaving trouble, try using a different browser like Google Chrome or MozillaFirefox. If you are still havingtrouble, try using a different browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Q: I’m having troublewith the videos.

A: Some suggestedtroubleshooting tips are…

1.) Exit your browserand open a new page.

2.) Clear your historyand cache.

3.) Enable Flash in yoursettings.

4.) If you are stillhaving trouble, try using a different browser like Google Chrome or MozillaFirefox.


Q: Can you send me thevideo file via email?

A: Because they are toolarge to transmit, unfortunately we are unable to email video files.


Q: Can I download avideo?

A: While you cannotactually download the video, you can download the HTML code that holds thevideo. Please follow these steps…   1.) Right click on thevideo.

2.) Select the optionthat says “Save Frame As.” (or “copy video URL” for PC users)

3.) Save it to thelocation on your computer that you want.   Now, when you want towatch the video, it will open in a web browser (Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome)and you can watch it that way.


Q: I have a questionabout a product:

A: Click here to viewdescriptions of all our products

Got a question and wantto speak with a human? Give our team a call at 310-876-2033 and they will beglad to assist you.