College Application Training |  Greater Los Angeles Area and NY Metro Area

When it comes to college applications, filling out the correct information is crucial to acceptance and even scholarships. By the time you graduate college, most people have put in hundreds of thousands of dollars and if the application process is not done correctly, you can even end up spending more time and money. In 2011, College Application Training was created to help families send their children to the college they want without being put in a financial strain. Founder and CEO Chelsea Watkins has over two decades of experience and knowledge of the college application and funding process.

Their specialties are helping their students fill out the best, unique, and individual applications that will help them stand out, get in and receive scholarships. Their staff which includes Beau Kuhn, who is the college funding advisor and Lee Dallas, who is the director of student services. All of CAT’s staff have extensive knowledge of the application process and the funding process and can answer any question any family might have about the college process.

College Application Mastery Program (CAMP)

They have created a program from the knowledge they have gained over the past twenty years to help students succeed at getting into their desired school, receive financial aid, and reduce student’s stress.

  • Plan
  • Brand
  • Choose
  • Manage
  • Create
  • Finalize
  • Elevate
  • Save

Each of the steps was strategically thought out and put together to create this effective program with proven results. It helps you organize your college preparation and reduces the amount of time, stress, and money that you will use if you do not have a set plan when applying to colleges. Their clients have been accepted into some of the best colleges in the country. To contact you can visit their website and leave your name, email, phone number and a brief message explaining what you are needing help with.