College Application Training |  Greater Los Angeles Area and NY Metro Area

Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed with College Prep
Preparing your child for college can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially during senior year. You are essentially bombarded with a ton of information and if this is your first child, you have no idea what to do in regards to filling out college applications, sending in applications for scholarships, etc. It is important to take the process step by step and receive help where you can so that your child can be ready for college by senior year.

Work with School Counselors and Teachers
To get started, you can work with school counselors and teachers to find out how to begin the process of applying to local colleges. When you start this process, you may be unsure as to how forms need to be filled out as well as when or where to start. The counselors at your child’s school should have access to local college and university registration information as well as scholarships and other need to know information. With their help, you can begin on the path to success as you work to enroll your child in school.

Find Prep Help
You can also find help by working with college prep companies. Such groups as College Application Training can assist with prep help by showing you how to fill out applications for admission, learning more about how to pay for college and more. By learning everything you can about the process from the experts, you can feel better about helping your child become a college student.

Don’t let excessive forms and information frazzle you. There are resources that you can use to help your child attend college and get started on their career path. Be open to asking questions and finding out information so you take the right steps at the right time to apply and register your child for college.