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About College Application Training

College Application Training was founded in 2011 with the purpose of helping families who want to send their children to the school of their dreams without sacrificing their retirement or taking unnecessary risks. We also mentor students who want to create an authentic and unique application with the minimum amount of stress. In fact, annually, our families receive an average of $27,000/year in merit grants and scholarships. As a result of working with us, families experience less debt, less family conflict, more student success and more cash on hand. We have offices in Los Angeles, CA and Hoboken, NJ. Due to our ability to consult remotely, we work with families all over the United States, as well as in Europe.


Chelsea Watkins – Founder, CEO

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Chelsea has over 25+ years of experience with the college application and funding process, starting with teaching SAT Prep for the Princeton Review while she was earning her undergrad degree at USC. She was asked by her students to help them with their college applications and created the College Application Mastery Program. CAMP’s goal is to train students to create their best college application with distinct individuality, minimal stress, and maximum efficiency. While the students were achieving their admissions dreams, their parents were having difficulty financially paying for college. Many of them were taking on unsustainable levels of debt, or sacrificing their retirement to send their children to college. Chelsea then became a licensed financial professional to help families plan for college without sacrificing their retirement or taking unnecessary risks. Since that time, families who follow her process can both get into and comfortably pay for college! She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and son, who was just accepted to the kindergarten of his dreams.


Beau Kuhn – College Funding Advisor

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Beau has a degree in Finance from Villanova University and an MBA from Columbia University. After a successful decade long career on Wall Street as a derivatives broker she left the industry to spend more time with her family. Always searching for new challenges she proceeded to start her own retail company and dabble in real estate. While micromanaging her household finances and facing the costs of having three children in private school she realized that maybe saving for college was not enough. Beau approached CAT and her sister Chelsea to search for solutions regarding financing high school. Together they have put in place a process that assists families in not only college funding but also for high school and even elementary school tuition. Beau now looks forward to paying for her three kids to go to the high school and colleges of their dreams while not putting a burden on her household finances. She lives in Hoboken, NJ, with her husband and three children and gets tremendous satisfaction from piecing together the financial puzzles of other families to help them achieve their educational funding goals.


Lee Dallas – Director of Student Services

Lee joined the CAT team in October 2015, two years after completing his undergrad work at Brown University. As an educational consultant, Lee has used the College Application Mastery Program, combined with his own empathetic approach to mentorship, to guide dozens of students through the application process. His students have earned Ivy League acceptances, six-figure merit aid awards, and sometimes even a newfound love for the art of writing! Lee used his experience as an educational consultant to help develop CAT’s Student Services program, including training new consultants. An avid traveler, Lee now meets with his students and fellow consultants remotely, often while traversing the globe – but he still finds nothing more rewarding than helping a student take the reins of their own future.